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Labengki Island, the New Nature Wonder Paradise Tourist Destination South East Sulawesi

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Labengki Island or in Indonesia call it Pulau Labengki is a new paradise of nature tourist destination in South East Sulawesi Province, located at North Konawe, on the Lasolo Bay, District Lasolo, South East Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Labengki island was popularized by Tolitoli - Labengki Volunteers Giant Clam Conservation Team where is the island became one of the conservation area for the Giant Clam which done since 2012. Lebengki Island consists of several large islands and small islands, 5 large island name it Labengki Besar, Labengki Kecil (small), Namira Island, Tukoh Kulay and Mauang Island, while the small islands that do not have names. The island that has a population is Labengki Kecil.

Main tribe that inhabited on the island is Bajo Tribe as native tribe and some of Tolaki Tribe. There are about 100 head of households on this island with a population of about 400 people, the main livelihood of the people of Labengki is a fisherman. Total area of Labengki Island is about 15,000 acres where on this area is also as main habitat of Giant Clam or at Indonesia call it "Kima", its a kind of giant clams that are rare and protected.

The word of Labengki took from "Tolaki" Language (local tribe) "Laabenggi", which is mean "ewer" or similar, since long time ago local people usually use ewer as a receptacle for storing water, and the Labengki Island if it look from far places, then it will be look like the ewer, so thats why people name it "Laabenggi" in Indonesian language become Labengki.

Labengki island offers exotic panoramic, quiet and natural, surrounded by green rocky hills and it has a very beautiful underwater marine biodiversity, on the top of the one rock mountains you may can found a beautiful scenery also several types of orchids that grow naturally so it can be said Labengki Island area is very ideal and suitable of being a marine tourism destination at Indonesia especially at Southeast Sulawesi.

Dozens of white sand beaches scattered at every corner of the island and there is also a red sand beach, its combined with clear crystal water, and expanse of colorful coral and a variety of small islands that surround of the island area, makes Labengki to be a paradise for Diving Lover, Snorkeling, fisher, Climbers and Orchid Lovers.

Labengki Island has many diving sites with a variety of types, ranging from slope up to drop off, dive spots visibility can reach 10 - 35m, with formations of stunning coral and rich colors. Beside to amazing coral formations, a unique topography of coral mound with different coral types that can make divers feel amazing sensation. Some area of dive sites have a strong current where offers sensation of drift diving with stunning underwater scenery.

Besides having many stunning diving sites, Labengki island area is also home of the new native giant clam species name it "Kimaboe", one of the world's largest giant clam species found it by the Team of Toli Toli - Labengki Giant Clam Conservation, nowadays we can ensure that on these conservation areas can be found 9 species of Giant Clam where it can be a place for Giant Clam research.
Labengki Island is a paradise for marine lovers, where you can explore the beauty of its underwater, learn about the Giant Clams, and also explore the Labengki forest with lake. You can also interact with Bajo Tribe and see of their daily life, which is known as tough fishermen in the world. Labengki Island is a quite place where you can enjoy the touch of nature, with many rocky islands views and it's also called as The New World for Diving, Research and Traveling.

In short, if you're looking places for a holiday on a beautiful nature empty island which feel like own island with peaceful places and stunning underwater scenery, than Labengki Island is the right choice.

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